Business English Coaching

At Coached2Excel we have the capacity to deliver business English courses specifically tailored towards the professional business environment.

Through professional native English coaching, the promotion of practical skills and cultivating a rich know-how of international business surroundings, Coached2Excel aims not only to increase the students language capacities; including but not limited to the usage of phrases, idioms and mannerisms for daily practical expressions, but also to improve the students demeanor and encourage proper conduct when engaged in an English environment through the consequentially increased confidence in speaking English.


We understand that learning a new language can be challenging. Nevertheless, as with the development of any new skill, repeated practice is an important cornerstone to success.

Furthermore, a fun and immersive experience that leads to motivation and inspiration, are equally important for sustained progress. Coached2excel specializes in creating a relaxed environment; emphasizing its small classes and degrees of varying interactivity.


In an effort to create a nourishing dynamic atmosphere, varying degrees of interactivity are encouraged.
The main degrees of interactivity are divided into teacher led activities and student led activities.

/Teacher led activities/
During the teacher lead sessions, the instructor guides the student in the use of the English language
and is utilized to cultivate foundational and advanced skills.

/student led activities/
During the student led sessions, the student takes the lead and practices newly acquired language and knowledge in a controlled setting, with the promise to deepen the understanding of skills and develop new communications capacities.

These sessions include exercises during which the students interact with one another in a setting with fewer regulations and fluctuating arbitrary parameters. This initiates simulations and practice of newly acquired vocabulary and capabilities in a more authentic natural environment.




At Coached2Excel we are a dynamic and enthusiastic team and will inspire you along a sustainable path of learning with the consummate destination of achieving your language goals. In accordance to students focus preference and distinct application requirements, lesson material will be constructed to create an individual learning experience.


At Coached2Excel we offer an entertaining learning environment containing well prepared creative lessons offering special emphasis on patient and supportive customer support and encouragement.


More than a teacher, a dedicated professional coach will guide you and can help you surmount inhibitions and obstructions: from obstacles arising from a negative mindset to unwholesome previous learning experiences.

About the coach

Born in the city of Kensington in London, Funbi spent her formative years absorbing the corporate environment of the neighbouring central business districts. She is qualified as a professional English trainer and coach with more than 17 years of experience coaching students, business managers and public officials. Her diverse origins offer her the necessary experience and skill set to realize your language comprehension goals.

Funbi is certified with an official Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA) regulated by Ofqual.

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English Coach

At Coached2Excel small classes are headed by our well trained and highly experienced native level English coach, whom holds additional certification through industry standard accreditation programmes.


well trained: certified through industry accepted accreditation program (Berlin School of English accreditation and ISO standardization)


highly experienced: know the best techniques to help you learn English (previous teaching engagements and years of service)

Corporate Experiences and Commercial Recommendations

Wall Street English
Mrs. Oni-Orisan has comprehensive language skills and a sharp mind, which she uses with great skill and success to adapt to the situational needs of her working environment and situation adapting to the individual needs and levels of her language students.

[more details on Wall Street English]

Helliwell Sprachschule GmBH
Due to her creativity and outstanding expertise Mrs. Oni-Orisan was entrusted with multiple domestic, business, and Federal Government clients as well their organisations.

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Our Learning Method

Basing our English teaching/coaching expertise on natural language acquisition, our learning method is capable of accommodating countless learning styles/modes and paces.

Natural language acquisition mimics the way children develop their language skills. By considering the main aspects of the English language, we can cultivate the students proficiency commencing with observation and listening, followed by speaking and mimicking and concluding with writing.

Throughout the learning experience, we nurture a deeper understanding of the English language, by practicing within applicable contexts, that are relevant to the individual students goals; from every day scenarios to more distinct situations,enabling them to accumulate experiences and learn from them.


For any further inquires or questions, please use one of the following ways to contact me:

Mail: foniorisan@gmail.com